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Daily Skincare Routine with Acne Meds

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Daily Skincare Routine with Acne Meds

So I have two separate skincare routines...one with all of my acne meds and another with regular beauty products you can purchase from department store. 

My 9 month acne journey continues and it looks like it's reaching its end...thank goodness!! I now know so much about skincare and beauty because it seems like I've tried every product under the sun trying to beat acne, cover it, or work with it. When I first started seeing my dermatologist, she prescribed Plexion cleanser, Aczone topical cream for the morning and Tazorac topical cream at night. Here is my step by step routine:

1. Each morning as soon as I wake up, I wash my face with Plexion cleanser. It's made with sulfur which is an old school remedy of beating acne. 

2. Next, I use rose water toner from Amazon or witch hazel to make sure your skin is balanced, spotless clean, and free of inflammation. Sometimes witch hazel makes me too dry so I alternate days.  

3. In the morning, apply aczone after toner and let dry. (Make coffee and fix bed.) Then apply my moisturizer with SPF and let dry. I use this one.  Then start makeup routine. 

4. I just to keep my makeup routine simple and only introduce one new product at a time. This way if you're skin reacts to something, you know what's causing the problems. 

5. At night, my routine is a little longer. I remove ALL of my makeup before I even start cleansing. I actually double cleanse my skin because I wear so much makeup during the day normally. My makeup routine has been simplified since I started getting acne but I'm sure it's still more than most. So I remove my makeup with this oil cleanser and these makeup wipes. I apply the oil onto my dry skin and use my fave Avon wipes to remove the oil. I then use Plexion cleanser, toner, then tazorac. Tazorac is a topical retinol and is extremely harsh on the skin. When using this cream you have to make sure to stay out of the sun and use SPF at all times. It's stripes your skin and you can easily burn. I'm more concerned about cancer so I want to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Make sure it's dry before you go to bed. My last step is adding moisturizer when my skin gets too dry. (I sometimes peel when using it) I like to use this light moisturizer because I'm scared of clogging my pores. 

Some additional weekly steps: 

* Every Wednesday I exfoliate using this product. This routine made me peel heavily so I have loads of dead cells on my face and my makeup looks horrible. I need to keep my skin as clean as possible and remove all dead skin. 

* Every Sunday, I use a mask to deep clean. My fave is this one or this one. I just ordered apple cider vinegar and aztec clay from Amazon because it's a lot cheaper and they received excellent reviews. We'll see how it goes. 

* I also use a Clarisonic every night with my cleanser to do my final cleanse. I wear loads of makeup everyday and clog my pores easily. The key is to make sure your face is spotless so you can actually get the meds into your skin! Pores need to be open in order to be receptive. 

* If you have dark spots like I did, I also used this every single night for two months and now my skin is flawless and spotless. I also used this natural remedy and it was a miracle worker! 

* I also was prescribed these oral pills and they helped my recovery so much! Even though it seems like a lot of steps and a lot of products, everything was needed in order to cure my acne. I have received soooo many compliments on my face. It truly looks airbrushed and I'm so happy! 

Sorry that was long. Please let me know what didn't make sense and I will explain further. I love talking about this and sharing my experience so I'm happy to explain away! 

Hope your spots clear up and I'll write a post soon about my beauty routine when I don't have acne! 

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. This was such an interesting read! Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my recent?

    Alice x

  2. Excellent routine! I really enjoy the whole process of removing my makeup. xxx

  3. Thanks for sharing! This is really useful since I really need to work on exfoliating and dark spot treatments! I also have a Clarisonic but I never use it... I hate charging it so often! lol

    1. Thank you love for stopping by! Get that Clarisonic out! Game changer!! xoxo