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Lent & Makeup Status

10:59:00 AM

Hi loves!! 

So sorry it has been over two weeks and it's been silent! Honestly it comes down to one thing: exhaustion. After an entire year of trying to cover acne, fight acne, and heal acne, I have used soooo many new products, researched, returned what I didn't like then tried more next products and continued this cycle month after month. I'm done! I still have some product reviews up my sleeve but for the most part, I'm good with my current makeup and skincare routine. All of this has been so much! Anyone out there with acne, I feel for you!! 

Despite loving beauty still, I decided to give up all new purchases for Lent. So from last Wednesday to April 16th...no new beauty purchases! No makeup, skincare, haircare, or nail polish polishes. Nada. This little passion of mine became a full blown obsession and honestly my wallet can't afford it anymore. 

This blog will still focus on beauty but I have other things up my sleeve. I'll share with you my current fave beauty products, what's worth the splurge and what's not, and how to buy makeup on a budge. There's more to come but I just needed a little break. 

Thank you as always for reading this little baby of mine! Let's see how much money I can save during Lent...

I love you all!



  1. giving up new makeup purchases for lent is such a good idea. I'm looking forward to what else you're going to post. I hope you had a well deserved break!


    1. Thanks girlie!! Appreciate the support! xoxo

  2. I've always wanted to try the Tarte foundation, how do you find it? Looking forward to you upcoming product reviews :) x

    1. Thanks girlie! I am so bummed out but I had to return it! When I received it, I noticed the expiration date stated it was going to expire in 2 months!! Crazy! I returned and didn't have time to reorder :(